Today's businesses need to respond effectively to high volumes of calls from their customers at first contact and in the fastest and best way possible. Arvato CRM Turkey has created an OmniChannel platform to help clients’ end-user via e-mail, letter, fax, chat, web, WhatsApp and social media.

All of these communication channels are combined in three main categories under iAGENT, the desktop application of Arvato OmniChannel:

  • iMAIL
  • iCHAT
  • iCALL

iAGENT Desktop Application

By using our OmniChannel platform, we enable tracking of customer communication from all channels through a single, user-friendly application. Furthermore, the structure of iAGENT makes it possible to integrate external applications, such as CRM applications. iAGENT application supports the functions described below.

  • Replying to e-mails
  • Replying to social media posts; e.g. replying to Facebook posts
  • Suggesting automatic replies from the reply templates on information database
  • Live chat
  • Co-browsing (also without a PIN)
  • Video chat (without download)
  • Chat review function
  • Processing of and replying to fax/letters
  • Processing of and replying to SMS
  • Monitoring screens for supervisors and team leaders
  • Reporting screens


iMAIL solution allows us to respond to the demands from our end-users by analyzing and categorizing incoming demands and forwarding the same to relevant personnel with a suggested response. This automated task saves time, while at the same time providing higher quality responses and preventing reduced service levels due to employee performance.

Other advantages and functions of iMAIL are listed below:

  • A single application to conduct all written communication.
    • E-mail
    • Fax
    • Letter
    • Replying to Social Media posts
  • A centralized information database for the entire team.
  • Simple integration with back-end systems.
  • Multi-customer recognition


Due to increasing number of Web 2 and mobile devices, chat has become a preferred communication channel for end-users. Web users now prefer instant communication instead of calling on the telephone or sending e-mails, because it allows them to have instant access to their desired information or solution without shifting between channels. Thanks to iCHAT, we can respond to this demand to contact us instantly through their preferred communication channel.

Other advantages and functions of iCHAT are as below:

  • Written chat communication
  • WhatsApp communication
  • Facebook chat communication
  • Voice and video chat communication (using Web RTC)
  • Ready text templates and links to be used during chat
  • Automated sharing of suggestions from database to help employees


Thanks to integration with different ACD solutions (e.g. Avaya, Alcatel, Siemens, etc.), we can record Inbound calls in an effective way.