We help businesses of all kinds to initiate, grow or transform their digital workforce, a different kind of workforce comprised of software robots and backed by a combination of technologies, including Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and custom-made software.

When and how can you use it?

Regardless of where you are in your automation journey, we are here to support you every step of the way. Arvato CRM Turkey can help you in every stage: providing consultancy, starting your journey, optimizing your solutions or making your robots intelligent.

It doesn’t matter if you need to speed up your recruitment processes, get regular validations for your order-to-cash processes, increase your customer satisfaction or minimize the cost of your core operations: the digital workforce will help you reach your targets by automating business processes in a highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner.

Enhanced Processes
up to 90% faster processes
Cost Reduction
up to 80%
Better Customer Experience
50% higher Customer Satisfaction Index
Improved Service Delivery
100% accuracyleads to lower volume of customer queries
Enhanced Ability to Manage
Insights and Analytics
Increased Compliance
Scalability and Flexibility

What Benefits?

The software bots simulate computer actions exactly the same way they are done by humans, which means:

  • Automating repetitive, mundane, high volume and low-value tasks.
  • Increasing efficiency by getting more done—robots work 24/7/365 without needing any breaks or vacations
  • Increasing efficiency by speed—robots complete tasks at least 3 to 9 times faster than humans.
  • Increasing employee productivity and satisfaction by redirecting them to more challenging and value-adding tasks.
  • Eliminating mistakes and errors.

Different Because?

Compared with many major digital transformation initiatives, Digital Workforce Solutions can provide the following distinct advantages:

  • The technology is non-invasive, which means it requires a minimal level of integration with your existing systems and, most importantly, very short development and deployment process.
  • The solutions quickly realize their ROI—often in months, compared to years.
  • Our well-versed methodology is product-agnostic and process-oriented. This means that our focus is on your needs and your processes. Once we talk about your processes, we start designing a solution for your needs using our diverse technology toolbox and know-how to provide you the most efficient, most value-added solution.
  • As experts in customer experience management, we can revolutionize the way you deliver customer delight with the combination of our digital services portfolio.
Hander Hubar - Digital Workforce Solutions Senior Manager

Hander Hubar - Digital Workforce Solutions Senior Manager

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