Up to now, anyone who wanted to set up a bank account had to either visit a branch in person or resort to identity check services offered by third parties. In Germany, for instance, the post office was the only third party to offer a legally accepted identity verification service for many years. Since March 2014, Circular 1/2014 (GW) issued by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) also permits banking customers in Germany to use a much more convenient alternative: remote identification via video transmission. The process defined by BaFin allows individuals to carry out the required identity verification from the convenience of your customers' or anywhere else, at any time.

Arvato CRM Turkey’s solution VideoIdent allows you to offer this very service to your customers. Our team has received special training, and our identification verification process meets all BaFin requirements. Your customers can have their identity checked by our staff directly via their browser—with no additional plug-in required — independent of opening times, from the convenience of their home, using their smartphone, tablet or PC.

VideoIdent helps avoid troublesome media disruptions and guarantees a positive customer experience.

Arvato CRM Turkey’s video-based identity verification service is not limited to the opening of accounts; it is a service solution that could also be useful for other industries and products which require an identity check.

What Benefits?

Our Digital Customer Onboarding solution offers you a quickly integrated and customer-friendly solution. Your customers can now complete their application online without media disruption. This service also significantly lowers the drop-out rate. Consumers also benefit considerably from our solution, resulting in a positive service experience. Clicking on a button or a link is all the customer needs to do to be connected to an available video agent. Customers can have their identity verified directly online; no software installation or complex registration procedure is required. The process usually takes no more than five minutes and can be offered around the clock. Your customers benefit from a simple, quick, easy-to-handle solution that they can use whenever they choose.

The benefits can be summarized as below:

  • Convenient and easy online identity verification.
  • Direct integration into your website or apps.
  • Available for a range of devices.
  • Processing of international identification documents by a specially trained team.
  • Digital storage possible within the scope of the applicable legal regulations.
  • High level of data security guaranteed.