Customer experience has a game-changer effect on many organisations in today's world, where price and product no longer have any influence on customer decisions. Customer journey mapping is accepted the world over as a prime starting point to comprehend your business from your customer’s perspectiveby revealing the user experience, gather Voice of Customer* as well as other supportive data, and put it all in one place.

Customer Journey Maps show every customer interaction with your company. Therefore, maps can represent customer needs, feelings, and pain points as well as wow points. Maps generally focus on a specific part of the journey or provide an understanding of the entire experience.

When and how can you use it?

Customer Journey Mapping projects get stakeholders on the “same page.” They help companies to prioritize their decisions on how and where to invest resources so they can increase brand loyalty and awareness and create an exceptional customer experience, while at the same time spreading customer experience culture among the entire organization.

What Benefits?

At Arvato CRM Turkey, our Business Insights outcomes offer a unique opportunity to understand your customers' journeys better and, more importantly, to locate which part of the journey to focus on. As we identify different groups of customers showing similar behaviours, we create journeys for each group. These will indicate the expectations, feelings and pain points on every touch point.

Customer Journey Maps are not “one and done” projects, since maps need to develop alongside your business to reflect the current state of your customers’ experience. We use a digital tool that will bring your Journey Map to life. Customer journey mapping activates organizations to serve customers on the right channel at the right time. It also means they can communicate at the right time, place and format.

Gülin Gül - Customer Experience & Business Insights Manager

Gülin Gül - Customer Experience & Business Insights Manager

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