Our CRM Analytics Solution is delivered via Enliven CEM, our Award-winning Customer Experience Management Platform, which leverages predictive analytics technologyto enable businesses to engage their customers effectively across consumer touch points and deliver superior experiences with high contextual relevance.

Enliven CEM®, a next-generation Customer Analytics platform, is focused on customer centricity and revenue so that your company can execute on what drives customers to do business with you.

Our solution drills down to your individual end-customer and creates the deepest possible insight of them by mapping their attributes, transactions and interaction in near-real time (even if it is millions), and running analytical models continuously. Moreover, the system provides actionable intelligence which helps you to create targeted actions, services, promotions, understanding customer struggle, campaigns, etc. It can revolutionize the way you start engaging and managing each customer individually.

To summarize, enabling complete visibility and control of various services, along with capability to deliver actions proactively contributing to revenue and customer retention, is our approach to effective customer engagement.

The solution helps our customers to deliver contextual actions for superior engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. It also generates impactful insights to drive operational and customer-related business decisions, applying predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Some of the main features are listed and explained below:

Customer Lifecycle Analytics

Analysis of customer behaviour at respective lifecycle stage to identify high-yield measures (NBAs) optimizing the individual customer journey.

Personalized Next Best Actions (NBAs)

Prediction of most effective (counter-)measures, optimizing business results on an individual customer level.

Intelligent Knowledge Management

Decision tree guiding customer service representatives through every customer interaction

Marketing Automation

Data-driven automation of ad bidding, audience segmentation, channel selection and performance reporting.

Campaign Management

Customization of campaign design features, content, timing, channel and device based on advanced analytics of customer data.

Root Cause Analysis

Drill-down views on various business dimensions and parameters to identify root causes for KPI developments.

Data Visualization

Advanced filter-based graphical user interface to visualize business performance according to specific business needs.

Impact Analysis

Analysis of KPIs and underlying influencing variables to provide decision makers with high-yield scenarios.

What Benefits?

  • Optimized Campaign Conversion.
  • Unlocked Cross-/Upsell Potential.
  • Increased Brand Loyalty.
  • Single view of relevant data.
  • Strong decision support.
  • Actionable insights.