AVoC (Arvato Voice of Customer) projects empower your Customer Service Representatives, turning them into experts who determine the root causes of customers' issues and discover the pain points.

These projects offer you systematic collection and in-depth analysis of incoming communications using a workflow-based tool. Our experts analyse the root cause of each call and report to you the most important issues for your clients. This prioritization enables you and your management team to make decisions quickly and act based on the issues which are most important to your clients, supported with data.

*The analysis indicates communications to be eliminated, automated, simplified and leveraged. As a result; call center costs decrease, while customer satisfaction increases.

When and Why you should experience AVoC?

When you should experience AVoC:

  • Decreasing call center costs and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Prioritizing development requests.
  • Revealing channel potentials to lead company's digitalization process.
  • Determining process improvement opportunities.

Why you should experience AVoC:

  • The underlying reasons customers communicate with the company.
  • An awareness of digital channel usage.
  • The errors in product, service and communications with customers that increases call volume.
  • Recurrent customer calls and issues.

By focusing our analysis on the root cause of incoming calls during the project, recurrent customer problems are identified, errors in products, services and information-sharing that increase call volume are revealed, and analyses are made on the use and potential solutions of the self-service problems are generated.

While it provides understanding of customer demands, services, products, information, AVoC also helps your organisation to become agile, put opportunities into actions, and improve the holistic customer experience.

Gülin Gül - Customer Experience & Business Insights Manager

Gülin Gül - Customer Experience & Business Insights Manager

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