Analytical Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Customer Experience and Process Consulting

From the very beginning, Arvato CRM Turkey has always cultivated a strong R&D culture, and the company established an accredited R&D Center in 2018. Our R&D Center focuses on developing new value-added solutions involving an array of disciplines, including analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and digital workforce solutions (DWS), not to mention our innovative Customer Journey Mapping consultancy.

Industry 4.0 implementation is steadily expanding, and Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Augmented Reality applications stand out. All of these innovations are used in the field of Customer Relations Management (CRM). Arvato CRM Turkey supports the digital transformation processes of its customers by creating models and processes that facilitate the use of digital solutions and technologies without making large investments.Today customers are engaging brands digitally through multiple channels. That’s why Arvato CRM Turkey is investing so much in its digital solutions portfolio—so we can deliver our customers higher quality, efficiency, speed and cost savings. New technology will diminish the importance of conventional audio-based CRM models, allowing the conversion of classic call centers to “customer experience centers.” That is why our R&D is focused on business intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, gamification, estimation, decision-making and optimization. These methods help us measure, manage and improve the performance and productivity of call center employees and even corporate staff through automated, systematic methods. In this way we can provide better quality, performance, efficiency and speed to customer service, ensuring corporate and end-customer satisfaction. Arvato CRM Turkey is even working with universities as well as through our own sustainable R&D Center in order to leverage our growing investments in R&D.

Most importantly, Arvato CRM Turkey has analyzed the key challenges in improving the customer experience:

  • Difficulty finding support center contact info
  • Finalizing the call without solving the problem
  • Long call wait times
  • Explaining the problem repeatedly

These and similar situations result in unsatisfied customers. These problems can be solved with a customer-centric approach. This approach is addressed by the following solutions under development at our R&D Center.

  • Call Center Analytics: Big Data is the best tool in helping call centers understand their customers. Illuminating the patterns in the call center’s workflow helps customer service employees gain insights and optimize solution processes. A well-designed call center analysis system maximizes the call center’s performance by optimizing the interaction with each customer and thereby improving their experience.
  • Smart Callback: An automatic callback function allows callers to select callback option so they don’t have to wait on the line.
  • Predictive Support: This service utilizes continuous monitoring and trend analysis in order to perform real-time intervention, predicting failures, preventing service-affecting events and ensuring uninterrupted performance.
    • Multi-Channel CRM: One new approach we are working on is a multi-channel experience covering all channels and devices in order to interact with an organization, including customer's website, social media channels, customer services call center, etc. It sends real-time questions to the support team and provides them with tools to respond.
    • Visual Support Another new approach we are developing is a real-time visual communication solution, enabling agencies to see the physical environment of the customer via their mobile phones and to communicate with them visually. The ability to define the source of a technical problem visually and to show the necessary action instead of just a description is a game changer for the Technical Support call center.